ALTER builds data privacy solutions for the next evolution of the web.
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Picture of Aleksejs Grocevs, C.T.O. of ALTER
Aleksejs Grocevs
Chief Technology Officer
Picture of Aleksejs Grocevs, C.T.O. of ALTER
Oskar Jepsis
Chief Executive Officer
Picture of Darren Chiu, Head of Operations
Darren Chiu
Head of Operations
Picture of Archaic, Head of Community
Head of Community
Picture of Micah Strydom, Project Manager
Micah Strydom
Picture of Alexander Afonin, Business & Quality Analyst
Alexander Afonin
Business &
Quality Analyst
Picture of Yana Shylkova, Graphic Designer
Yana Shylkova
Graphic Designer
Picture of Andrey Ignatov, DevOps Engineer
Andrey Ignatov
Picture of Janis Locmans, Backend Engineer
Janis Locmans
Backend Engineer
Picture of Svjatoslav Mihailov, Frontend Engineer
Svjatoslav Mihailov
Picture of Gabriel Arrouye, Smart Contract Developer
Gabriel Arrouye
Smart Contract Developer
Picture of Franco Bouzo, UI/UX Designer
Franco Bouzo
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Our Vision

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Your keys, Your Privacy

ALTER’s information-sharing system ensures that data is strictly restricted to data owners who are delegated access to encrypted messages. Therefore only delegated users can view the data. Private keys secured by secret contracts on the Secret Network blockchain are used to “unlock” access to this data. Therefore, even ALTER will not have access to this data.